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Studio Lighting

Classes starting again in January.

Stay tuned for details on our website and Kenmore Camera

Basic Studio Lighting 6-Hours Limit of 12 Students
Must be Vaccinated


When it comes to photography lighting,  moving from natural light to studio flash is a definite step-up, there’s no disputing the extra creative freedom it allows.

Understanding the basics of studio flash lighting will help ensure a smooth transition; the same way understanding fundamentals like aperture, shutter speed and exposure will help you switch from Auto to Manual Mode.

This includes the differences between continuous light and flash; different power systems like mono lights or pack lights; flash power and how to adjust it; and how flashes are triggered. If you don’t yet understand these concepts this class is for you.

What to expect:

Tom will have a model on hand, he will be demonstrating using tethered capture to a big screen, you will be able to see what’s going on as we shape the lights.

Class will have the opportunity to participate using your own cameras, we have a limited number of transmitters available.

What to Bring:

Bring your camera, 70-200mm focal length works best for Head Shots.

You should have a basic knowledge of your camera settings, including shutter, aperture and ISO and how to change them in your camera.

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