What can we help you with?

THP provides high quality images to meet your needs whether professional, personal, custom, business, or lifestyle. Photo sessions are tailored for a relaxed atmosphere and may be done in the studio or on location according to your requirements.


Your headshot is your calling card and says who you are. Tom and his staff make the session fun by putting you at ease where your unique personality can come out showing you looking your very best. Headshots may be done for business, no matter corporate or a single person enterprise. Also for the performing arts, auditions, and modeling, as well as applications for college admissions, and resumes.


Portraits take many forms to tell who you are and what you do. These forms may include Modeling, Dance, Corporate, Professional, and Performer. A studio portrait focuses on you without distractions. Lighting is key. A portrait on location puts you in your environment or an element and the photographer must adapt to the surroundings. Tom uses both studio light and/or natural light to create interest and tell your story. And have fun doing it.

High School Senior Portraits

These images are tailored around the lifestyle of the individual with a focus on the person and define their personality. Special attention is given to their preferences and wishes and always in a relaxed atmosphere so the seniors can be themselves.

Custom Portraits

The photography for custom images is all about a specific message that wants to be conveyed. Elegance steps forward here to smoothly and pleasingly convey that idea in a visual manner. Discussion with the client is paramount to gain an understanding of the clients wishes and to achieve them. Modeling and Dancing are frequently found here.
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